The Suwanee Legacy



Continuing a Fine Tradition

When you own a Suwanee 47, rest assured that you own a cabin cruiser with a rich legacy. First designed and built in 1965 by Bill Kenner of the famed Kenner Boat Company in Knoxville, Arkansas, the Suwanee 47 has had a long and successful history of giving her owners the satisfaction of possessing a great cruising boat.  Remarkably versatile and efficient, the Suwanee 47 has always been considered unique and special by its owners, local owners of other craft, and those who have admired this boat from afar.  Designed to be sleek and elegant at a time when houseboats were boxy, the Suwanee 47 was considered the "queen of the houseboat fleet" and Kenner often employed "The houseboat in yacht's clothing" as a slogan in early advertising for the Suwanee 47. The Kenners asked themselves the question, "Why does a houseboat have to look like a barge?" and set out to build a superior quality, aesthetically pleasing cruising boat. They succeeded wonderfully.

Today, more than three decades after the first Suwanee 47 was successfully launched, a third generation Suwanee 47 coastal cruising yacht has been designed and built with the same philosophy in mind.  Piney Creek Boat Builders is owned and operated by former employees of the Kenner Boat Company, who have spent much of their career in the boat business involved with the Suwanee in the capacity of both design and construction.   Of course, we have also enjoyed the Suwanee for many years (since the early days, starting with the 1970 model) for what she can do best: providing a marvelous experience on the water.  The Suwanee 47 is built by people with a keen eye for detail, passionate dedication to quality craftsmanship, and a simple desire to build good boats.

The all-new Suwanee 47 is the best ever, a boat ready to take you into the twenty-first century.  Beneath her classic and timeless styling is a ruggedly-built boat whose design and construction take advantage of some of the best of today's technology, while relying on old-fashioned values and "know-how" to make the best possible boat.

The New Suwanee 47

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